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Run ping test on macOS

Collect network packet information from a Macbook device


A Ping measures the time it takes for packets to be sent from the local host to a destination computer and back. The Ping tool measures and records the round-trip time of the packet and any losses along the way.

Run ping test on a Mac using the Network Utility app

1. Open the Network Utility app

- You can find Network Utility in /System/Library/CoreServices/Applications. Or alternatively:

- You can use Spotlight to open it.

2. Click the Ping tab.

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3. In the white text box at the top of the page, type in the address that you want to ping.

4. By default, your Mac will send pings until you close the Network Utility window.

- Check the "Send only ___ pings" box

- Set it to "Send only 10 pings" (as shown on the above screenshot)

5. Take a screenshot of the result and send it to the support team via chat or email support@simcoms.com