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Collecting Network Diagnostics

Send additional technical information about your PC or Mac by collecting diagnostic information.


If you are having trouble with your connection, our helpdesk team may ask you to provide us with network diagnostic information from your devices. Diagnostics provides us with information about your network adapter, wireless environment, and connection speed. This data better enables us to investigate your issue and assists in providing support.

Speed Test and WiFi Diagnostic

1. Perform a Speed Test

To perform a speed test, open your web browser and visit Fast.com. The test will measure your current download speed. Allow a moment for the test to complete. Please capture a screenshot of this information and send it with your diagnostic.

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2. On Windows click the Start button and type "CMD" into the search box/windows. CMD or Command Prompt will be shown in the menu. Right Click, and select Run as Administrator

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3. The command NetSh WLAN Show All Shows detailed information about your Wi-Fi adapter including the adapter’s capabilities, the Wi-Fi profiles on your PC (not including security keys or passwords), and a list of the Wi-Fi networks that were found when you ran the report.

Please copy the output from this command in to an email to assist in troubleshooting slow speeds or connection drop outs.

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